COTOR community token will award contributors for making content about web3 technologies and rewards users for helping us to promote listing and supporting, spread awareness of different blockchain organizations with their products and services.

Loyalty Rewards

Token holders can earn COTOR by locking their tokens for a period of time and they will be promoted as our elite members which allows them to get bigger rewards. Token Holders can use our wallets to store their tokens.

Utility of COTOR

As we know COTOR is a token that rewards its community. It has the following utilities
and will grow with the passage of time.

Community Rewards

10% (5,250,000,000.00 COTOR) has been allocated for rewards only. All rewards will be distributed automatically by system. Reward distribution will be started in 2023.


Your business/coin/exchange will be listed among top Crypto businesses on world's biggest crypto directory. All payments for ads will be made by COTOR.

NFT Marketplace

We are revolutionizing NFT industry. There will be Events, Tournaments, Auctions are competitions NFT marketplace. COTOR will provide payment solution


We are building a decentralized future of ecommerce. All Stores, products, buyers and vendors will use COTOR as their payment currency.

Blockchain Learning

Our Learning System is going to be a crypto dedicated educational platform on which people can sell out their verified Blockchain courses with the help of COTOR as payment gateway

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Q4 2020
Research & Consultation

-Mind Mapping

Q1 2021
Planning & Building

-Research of partner development company
-Collaborated with ZEREFLAB
-Mobile Application Development & launch

Q2 2021

-Finalized MVP Design
-Finalizing MVP prototype

Q3 2021
Moving Forward

-Building Website of MVP from Scratch
-Building Learning Platform

Q4 2021
Blockchain Selection

-Blockchain Research for Token
-ERC20 Smart Contract Creation
-White Paper Creation

Q1 2022
Blockchain Development

-Wallet system
-Mobile App Design

Q2 2022
Presale and Community Creation

-COTOR community Started
-IDO Listing

Q3 2022

-IDO Listing
-Early Bird Sale

Q4 2022
Public Trading

-Exchange selection

TBA 2023
To the Future

-Token Distribution
-NFT Market Place


COTOR is endorsed by the leading technology of the Crypto industry. Here are some of the proud partners that make COTOR possible.


Frequent Asked Questions

These Are The Questions Our Customers Ask Most Frequently
What is cryptocurrency?
A cryptocurrency is basically a digital form of currency with the support of cryptographic security for conducting trusted transactions. The underlying technology which runs cryptocurrencies is blockchain, and it offers a ledger for documenting all transactions.
What is blockchain?
Blockchain technology is basically a transparent, publicly accessible, trust-less, and secure ledger. The first-ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is the first successful implementation of blockchain in the real world.
What Is A Smart Contract?
Smart contracts are simply programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met. They typically are used to automate the execution of an agreement.
Why Choose ERC20?
As a company, we have a much higher standard when it comes to ensuring that we comply with all national and international regulations. Ethereum is the best blockchain for ensuring compliance.
What is COTOR?
COTOR is a community-based token, and its purpose is to reward its keepers. Only Two years after the token public sales, the token will be managed and controlled by a DAO. After that, no more tokens will be minted under any circumstances.
Where is COTOR whitePaper?
You can find the WhitePaper here!

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